H & K VP9


This great pistol provides unbelievable ergonomics by using both interchangeable backplates and sideplates. This allows the shooter to customize the grip to a perfect fit. It also features phosphorescent sights, unique charging supports, European style mag release lever and ambidextrous slide release.

(Contact us for availability)
Caliber Length Height Width Barrel Length Sight Radius
9 mm x 19 7.34 in. 5.41 in. 1.32 in. 4.09 in. 6.38 in.
Caliber Weight (with empty magazine)
9 mm x 19 25.56 oz.
Other Specifications
Caliber Magazine Capacity Trigger Pull Trigger Travel Return Travel Barrel Profile/Twist
9 mm x 19 10 / 15 5.4 lbs. .24 inches .12 inches Polygonal, 6 grooves, right-hand twist, 1 in 9.8 inches
Click the picture below to watch the video.



Click HERE to view on the H&K web page.


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